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Here at, we want to do more than just find the best online casinos in Canada for you to play in. We also want to give you pointers on how to play the most popular games, to make sure you get the most from your time whenever you go online.

With that in mind, we’ve put together some guidelines to Sic Bo online for you here. The Sic Bo game has a proud history that goes all the way back to Ancient China, and has spread to online and offline casinos in Canada and around the rest of the world. Before you try it for yourself at some of the fantastic sites we’ve lined up for you, read on below.

Sic Bo game rules are easy to learn, but its complex outcomes make it irresistibly intriguing and almost impossible to stop playing. The Sic Bo game involves betting on how 3 dice will land when they are rolled, which opens up many more possibilities than the more common 2-dice games.

The first thing you need to do is place your bets on how the dice will land, and they are then thrown. In land-based establishments this is always done with a vibrating platform called a Dice Shaker, and the effect of this is recreated well in the online casinos of Canada with authentic graphics and Random Number Generation.

Waiting to see if the dice will fall in your favour is where most of the thrill of the game comes from, and the many possibilities are usually shown on a paytable on your screen. You’ll get to know your wagering possibilities better as you spend more time playing at the casinos showcased for you here at, but to start you off we’ve listed them below.

  • One, Two or Three of a Kind: Pre-specified numerals appear on 1, 2 or 3 of the dice respectively
  • Duo: 2 different pre-set numbers appear on 2 of the dice
  • Any Three of a Kind: Any numeral appears seen on all 3 dice
  • Small Bets and Big Bets: Sic Bo actually translates as Small Big, most likely because of these wagers. There are Small and Big areas on the table, and successful bets placed on these pay you out even money. Small Bets are staked on the dice face total coming to a pre-set value from 4 to 10, except on a Three of a Kind roll. Big Bets work the same way, but for totals from 11 to 17
  • You can also bet on the dice sum being odd or even, except if a Three of a Kind is rolled
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Developing Your Sic bo Casino Strategy

Playing Sic Bo online in Canada means you have a huge array of choice at your fingertips, and even more advice and tools. You can explore the games as much as you want, and can apply anything you learn immediately to deepen your insight even more. Look around for advice websites and specific tools and even iPad casino apps – you’ll find more and more as you go along.

Most of the online slots casinos in Canada allow you to play the game in a no-deposit free play mode as well, which give you the chance to try different Sic Bo games and strategies out with no risk. All you’re investing is time, and this is a really enjoyable part of your playing journey anyway. Start at some of our showcased sites today and see where your playing adventures take you.