Online Craps Casinos in Canada

If you have ever been in a live casino, you will know that the casino craps table is one of the most exciting places to be. For the novice gambler, playing at a live casino can be a bit daunting. Most people would like to try out the game but are hesitant to put down their money while they are still learning the basics of the craps game.

The good news for Canadians is that you can play any casino game online for free or for real money from the comfort of your own home. This means that you can start playing all those high risk games like online poker, blackjack and online craps for free without ever worrying about the consequences.

If you have never played online craps in a live casino or online, there is no need to worry. The craps game is actually quite easy to play and learn. The basic concept of the game is based on the outcome of a role of a set of dice. The betting however can become quite complicated and it is essential for Canadian casino fans to learn a selection of the most commonly placed bets.

In the online version of the game, the player will encounter a basic table where the bets can be placed. To start the craps game, the player, which is called the shooter, must place his or her bet on the table. Once the bet has been placed, an electronic set of dice is rolled. This is called the come out roll.

In Canadian online craps, once the come out roll has been made, the dice numbers are totalled which determine one of three outcomes in the game. The player wins the game, loses the game or gets to play a few more rounds before it ends. If the total of the dice equals either 7, or 11, the player automatically wins the game. If the total of the dice totals 2, 3 or 12, the player loses the game straight away. If the dice totals any of the other numbers from 4 to 10, this is called the point number. From then on, the player must try rolling the same number again. If the player rolls a 7 before the point number, he or she loses the game.

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Canadian Online Craps Casinos

With craps online , it is not necessary to know all of the complicated betting options in order to enjoy the craps game and win money online. However, there are some bets such as the pass line bet and the come out bet that should be learned and understood before playing. If you want to try your hand and start playing online, you can find all the best Canadian online casinos right here at Once you have found a good online casino to sign up with, you can start playing for free any time you want. Once you have mastered the basics of the craps game, you can make a deposit into your online casino account, claim a substantial online casino bonus, and start playing for real money and stand a chance to win big.